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Hi, I'm Anna


I moved from Lewisham to this borough around 11 yrs ago.


My career is in public service, I’ve worked in local government, in the Benefits Service, for over 20 years. I have extensive knowledge & experience of benefits & welfare rights & of homeless prevention and housing advice.

I have also worked as a caseworker in Hackney where I was responsible for drafting replies to enquiries from MPs, Councillors, residents, & responses on the Mayor’s behalf. It was a challenging role where it was necessary to be organised, & prioritise the caseload.

My career has provided me with an understanding of the diversity of residents that need assistance & how the development of policies impacts on an individual’s needs. I understand we need to work to eradicate barriers that hinder equality & I have undertaken training on domestic violence, mental health first aid, & cultural awareness. I have also undertaken a foundation course in counselling skills


It's time for real change

I will represent and promote the constituency & people who live in it.


I will encourage engagement and ensure clear channels of communication; be it through newsletters advising of council decisions, surgeries or by fostering good relationships with organisations & businesses, & will keep up to speed on specific issues in order to lead campaigns.

I will aim to balance the needs of the local area and residents.


I would set myself a benchmark time for response to casework & do holding emails where applicable. 

The reason why I am choosing to pursue this now is because my daughters older & I work from home sometimes, & feel it’s a great time to get to know more about the borough & put my experience to good use.

I will bring enthusiasm and energy, commitment and a passion to learn. I am aware I am not the most experienced in local politics within the Party but I think that sometimes a new “pair of eyes” is a helpful thing & I can bring something different to the team. I am willing to work hard & loyally with other members & am keen to learn from their experience to achieve the results we want.

I believe that the interpersonal skills I have will equip me for the role of a councillor. I am a team player, & flexible & I can interact positively with different audiences.

As previously stated I have first-hand knowledge of issues affecting people such as increasing homelessness, lack of affordable local housing, an increase in mental health issues and an over-burdened Health Service.


I look forward to learning more about the issues affecting this ward, campaigning on your behalf & representing you in Parliament.

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