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The National Health Service is one of Labour’s proudest achievements. The right to free-atthe-point-of-use healthcare, universal and comprehensive in scope, is socialism in action.

A decade of Tory health cuts and privatisations has pushed our greatest institution to the brink. Our hospitals are crumbling, equipment is outdated, IT systems are inadequate and community facilities are neglected.


There are 100,000 staff vacancies in NHS England, including a shortage of 43,000 nurses. There are 15,000 fewer hospital beds. Every winter, bed occupancy rates exceed dangerous levels. Patients now wait far too long to see their GP, for an ambulance or for treatment.


Our immediate task is to repair our health services.


Our urgent priority is to end NHS privatisation. Our mission is to create the conditions to prevent illness and enable people to live longer, healthier lives.

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